Welcome to UofTHacks X, a 36-hour in-person Hackathon. Whether you’re a beginner hacker or veteran, there is something for you here. We will have workshops and mentors to help you learn and grow, recruiters to help your professional development, and great prizes for the most impressive and creative hacks. We’d love it if you #celebratewithus!


*Apply at uofthacks.com to participate in the event. Any submissions from teams that are not verified hackers will not be considered!*

You must submit your project to Devpost by 8:00 AM EST on January 22nd, before submitting your finalized team and challenge categories on the Google Form. We will keep the Google Form open until 9:00 AM EST. We will release the Google Form at 7:00 AM EST. 


If you are applying for sponsor prizes:

A team submission should have a video that is 2-4 minutes maximum demoing and summarizing your project, why you made it, and how you built it. Include a link to your code (e.g. a GitHub repo), and identify any tools, libraries, etc. you used. If you made a hardware hack, tell us what hardware you used and how you made use of it. If you are submitting to a sponsor category, you must specify this when you submit the Google Form. You must also use the appropriate tags when submitting on Devpost.


Overall prize:

We are doing live presentations this year instead of video submissions. Keep an eye out for a document outlining where your team will be located for your presentations. It will be located in the Myhal Auditorium (MY150), but your table will be specified in the document. This document will be posted on Discord on Sunday, January 22nd by 9:45 AM. We expect all teams to get to their station by 10:00 AM, when judgin will begin. Your team will remain at your assigned table, and judges will circulate each round. This means your team will present during multiple rounds to multiple groups of judges. This also means that your team must be present for this judging period, or you will not be eligible to be considered for a prize. All hacks are submitted to the overall category by default.


Devpost Requirements:

• All team members must sign up on Devpost

• Your 4-minute maximum video submission (YouTube Link, or Drive Link). Please check permissions before submission.

• Description of your project in the specified project about section.

• GitHub Link (Make sure it is public!)


After submitting on Devpost, you must verify your team by submitting to the Google Form to be eligible for prizes: Link found in #submission channel on the official Discord server at 7:00 AM EST on Sunday, January 22nd.


Google Form Requirements:

• Project/Team's name

• All team members names + Discord usernames (ex: srinii#0143)

• List of challenges your project is eligible for.

• Devpost submission link (AFTER IT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED)

 How will our live presentations be graded?

You will be graded on five aspects:

Theme- Is this project relevant to the theme? Can you justify its relevance?

Technology- How technically involved is the project?

Design- How easy and enjoyable is the user experience?

Completion- How complete is the hack relative to the team's goals?

Learning- How much of this project had the team never done before?

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD18,002 in prizes
Cryptocurrency logo Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

Overall UofTHacks First Place Winner

Meta Quest 2 128GB VR Headset with Touch Controllers (for each member of the winning team)
AMD Swag Bags (for each member of the winning team)

Overall UofTHacks Second Place Winner

Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones for each member of the second place team.

Overall UofTHacks Third Place Winner

All-New Echo Dot (5th Gen) for each member of the third place team.

Protocol Labs - Best Use of Estuary (2)

First place prize: iPad 10th generation for each member of the team.
Second place prize: Surmen mechanical keyboard for each member of the team.

Estuary is the easiest way to upload public data to Filecoin, the largest decentralized storage network (DSN) in the world. A DSN allows for worldwide access to your data, a free market for storage and autonomy over your data which does not exist in the centralized storage model of today’s corporations. Using Filecoin, Estuary provides unlimited, free storage in aims of preserving the world’s most important information, like AI training sets, climate data, political records, genetics or medical research and more. Estuary is open source and has many developer tools and APIs. Come by our booth to learn more!

Our website is estuary.tech - here you can find all of our information and documentation. Also, our Twitter is @Estuary_Tech.

Estuary will be doing a challenge called "Best use of Estuary". This prize will go to the students who best demonstrate Estuary's use case and use creative ways to incorporate our API.

Capgemini - Best Solution to Provide Access to Existing Mental Health Resources for Students

Winner: Drones for each member of the team, along with $600 Amazon gift card split amongst the team.

The purpose of this challenge is to explore a minimal solution that provides access to existing mental
health resources for university students.

The purpose of this exercise is not to perform mental health diagnosis or analysis – we would like to
provide a simple way for students to access existing resources based on simple questions asked via
digital bot.
And – if possible – we want them to be able to stay anonymous until they are comfortable entering
their personal info (e.g., age and postal code to help recommend possible doctor/nurse/care
resources near them)
The communications back should come across in a phased approach. Maybe it starts with an
article/video link, to some helpful tips, and then based on the student’s engagement it recommends
local support groups/therapists/ etc.
Some students may choose not to seek professional help, for a variety of reasons that can be
considered "out of scope". If there’s some help they can get in ‘self- serve’ manner, there is still
inherent value.
Tech guidance to do #1: add basic info about intent and slots and other basic types in a chatbot
Tech guidance to do #2: add Chat GPT info and other links. Also – provide links to basic cloud bot
features, including cloud native NLP and examples.

The Advice Company - Most Innovative Use of AI for Personal Finance
Cryptocurrency logo

Prize: Each member of the winning team will receive a 690.42 $DOGE, or the equivalent amount in an Amazon gift card.

"Personal finance" doesn't have to be "ick". Managing personal investments & finances can​ be daunting and time consuming, though -- from keeping on top of macro-economic trends, to researching crypto/NFT projects, to optimizing taxes... Build a hack that looks at one (or multiple) aspects of managing your investments (including crypto + alternative assets), and makes it frictionless/addictive/fun. Get creative, dig deep, and ask yourself what irks you about your own personal finances.

UofTHacks Prize - Best Hack to Promote Female Empowerment Within STEM

UofTHacks aims to promote female empowerment within STEM as a part of our efforts to increase inclusion in these male dominated fields! We want to award the best hack that aims to promote female empowerment. There are no restrictions on how, and if you want to focus on one area of STEM, that is fine too!

The winners of this challenge will receive a $50 Amazon gift card for each member of the team!

Co:Here - Best Build With Co:Here Challenge (3)

Co:Here is hosting a challenge for the best build with their very own API! The first place prize winners for the Co:Here challenge will win $500 for each member of the team along with 5000 Co:Here credits to be shared amongst the team, and a swag kit. The second place prize winners will win 5000 Co:Here credits along with a Co:Here swag bag. The third place prize winners for the challenge will win 2000 Co:Here credits.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Ayush Kumar

Ayush Kumar
Software Engineer / Protocol Labs

Jacob Pratley

Jacob Pratley
AI Programmer / Ubisoft Toronto

Jerry Chen

Jerry Chen
Technical Artist / Ubisoft Toronto

Jay Logelin

Jay Logelin
Engineering Manager / Protocol Labs

Anastasiya Uraleva

Anastasiya Uraleva
Product Design Manager / Protocol Labs

Mike Seiler

Mike Seiler
Senior Dev / Protocol Labs

Alex Wang

Alex Wang

Kristina Stephan

Kristina Stephan
Talent Programs Manager / Cohere

Fady Youwakim

Fady Youwakim
Campus Recruiting Leader / Capgemini

Judging Criteria

  • Technology
    How technically involved is the project?
  • Design
    How easy and enjoyable is the user experience?
  • Completion
    How complete is the hack relative to the team's goals?
  • Learning
    How much of this project had the team never done before?

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